The best locations at the best times.

& Sunrises

Offering flattering light as well as the most pleasant experience sunsets and sunrises are where it's at. Monday through Thursday are less crowded giving. us the chance to truly be.  Below are the most transcendent locations on Island.  I'm in awe of how beautiful they are and how amazing it is to be out there.

Monday at Makapu'u 

Tuesday at Waimanalo

Wednesday at Wai'alea

Thursday at Hilton Lagoon


I know - sunrise on vacation? But before you dismiss sunrise, for many the time change works in your favor, our 6am is your 9am or later, making this magical time fun and easy.  This time is serene and calm with the least amount of people and beautiful experience.  There will be a few people out especially at the locations I recommend, people gather to watch the sun rise over the ocean.  

Eternity Beach- Sunrise only

Cliff Sunrise to end at Makapu'u